STF Fund

Ticker: QSTFX

Cusip: 00771F749


Investment Objective:  The Fund seeks high appreciation on an annual basis consistent with a high tolerance for risk.


STF Fund follows easily identifiable trends in the market in an attempt to generate gains, with rule sets that seek to take advantage of both up and down trends. Since investments are based solely on the price action of the NASDAQ 100, the strategy strives to outperform the Index long term with less downside risk.



• Utilizes the NASDAQ 100 as the signal input, and the base underlying investment

• Can only take one of four positions:

        -- Money market – no trend

        -- NASDAQ 100 – good, trending market

        -- 2X NASDAQ 100 – great, up-trending market

        -- Inverse NASDAQ 100 – poor, down-trending market

• Uses the relationship among NASDAQ 100 Moving Averages, rate of change

  of Moving Average and the daily closing prices to generate signals

• Best described as a flexible trend-following system




(1) Other Expenses are estimated for the current fiscal year.

(2) Includes up to 0.15% for sub-transfer agent and sub-custodian fees.

(3) The operating expenses in this fee table will not correlate to the expense ratio in the Fund's financial highlights, when issued, because the financial statements include only the direct operating expenses incurred by the Fund and does not include the indirect costs of investing in other investment companies. Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses are estimated for the Fund's current fiscal year.



An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of Quantified Funds before investing. This and other information can be found in the Funds’ prospectus, which can be obtained by downloading from the prospectus tab or by calling 1-855-650-7453. The prospectus should be read carefully prior to investing in The Quantified Funds.

High portfolio turnover may result in higher transaction costs and higher taxes when fund shares are held in a taxable (non-qualified) account. Such costs are not reflected in annual fund operating expenses and may affect the Fund's performance.

An investment in the fund involves risk, including loss of principal
. There is no guarantee that the fund will meet its investment objectives. Please see prospectus tab for complete information relating to risks and expenses of the Fund.


Risks specific to investing in the Quantified STF Fund include risks of active and frequent trading and aggressive investment techniques, convertible bond risk, counterparty and credit risks, Depositary Receipt risk, risks involved in using derivatives, options, futures, forward and swap contracts, hedging and leverage risks, equity securities, small to mid-capitalized companies risk, preferred  stock risk, foreign securities risk, holding cash risk, interest rate risk, limited history of operations risk, lower quality debt-securities risk, non-diversification risk, MLP  (Master Limited Partnership) risk, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) risk, risks of investing in other investment companies risk, shorting risk, and risk of Subadviser's Investment Strategy.


Annual Fund Operating Expenses


(Expenses that you pay each year as a percentage of the value of your investment)


Investor Class Shares


Management Fees                                                            1.00%

Distribution and/or Service (12b-1) Fees                       0.25%

Other Expenses (1) (2)                                                      0.43%

Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses (3)                           0.04%

Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses                1.72%